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Food and recipies

Fresh ingredients to create imported flavors hallmarks of traditional japanese cuisine
Making noodles from scratch has always been a staple for our brand.
Fresh ingredients and thorough artesanal making of the Ramen Noodles not only allow us to provide authentic flavor, but also to reduce the use of conservatives and other non-desirables.
Noodles made from scratch represent the heart of our restaurant. The broths and sauces that accompany the noodles are secondary.
Traditional Japanese Umami flavours are infused in our kitchen and make for a delightful memory once the food is consumed. This provides a satisfactory experience that is cherished even after having visited the restaurant.
As always, we've saved the best for last. Our excellent desserts make for a perfect ending to an already wonderful dining experience.
Freshly made Mochi and Japanese Cheesecake are served daily.