Digital Catering

Niche business opportunities in Work from Home environment.

Work from Home has become the new norm. And with these changes, often come new challenges. Things like - "How do we integrate a team of dozens of people that have never seen each other?" - before, you would just get everyone in a room and get them to mingle. That's not possible anymore.

For the past year or so, we have been offering companies a solution. Have your team members cook a meal together. For this we have created the RamenKit. A huge hit with our customers during the pandemic, we are now selling it to fortune 500 companies to integrate their teams.

We believe this trend is going to continue and this emerging market will continue to grow.

A Solid foundation

Our NFT project and our DAO have a very solid underlying business that is sure to continue growing. This truly differentiates our initiative from other projects where there is actual productive wealth being created rather than just speculation.

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